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1. Enable NTP Time Server (Windows 2000/XP) From:

SNMP OID for Dell switch fdb table

The dot1qTpFdbTable (mib- contains the information regarding the MAC addresses learned the switch. The dot1qTpFdbPort OID (mib- lists the bridge address table. When you walk this OID, the values returned represent the MAC addresses in decimal form. You need to convert the last 6 decimal values to hex to get the MAC address. The INTEGER value is the port number on which the address was learned.

I tried this on both Dell powerconnect 3448 and 5324. They both works as for example:

ntop - monitor network usage

Log repository acceptable transmission methods

  • syslog
  • text log file
  • email
  Why need to support email as log format: 1. linux operation msg, by default mail to root. log watch send email to root by default. 2. Thold for Cacti can alert for threshold or deviation by email.

Quick reference

Build up virtual appliance for network monitoring

Just finished the virtual appliance for network monitoring.The main components include:
  • CentOS
  • Nagios
  • Cacti
  • Nedi
The default password:
  • OS:   root/change
  • nagios:  nagios-admin/change
  • nedi:  admin/admin
  • cacti:  admin/change
  • Add arpwatch
  • Upgrade packages

Network resource


Path MTU Discovery Problems

This article is from   NIR_067: Path MTU Discovery Problems Written by: Patrick Karpinskas Date: 10/04/02 It's not your routers fault!....unless ......You have been playing with your filters! Description of Problem and Possible Causes What is Path MTU Discovery and how can it affect users in VPN or PPPoE environments?

Infrastructure Technology

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