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CSS Tricks for Hero and Sticky Menu

21 April, 2019

Allright, I am not a web designer or front end developer. But from time to time, some small things do require my attention to get it done…

Webhook Development Tools

21 April, 2019

Webhook payload delivery service The service is fully open source, so you can just grab the code from if…

Gitlab CI Pipeline Trigger

20 April, 2019

Triggering pipelines through the API Taking ownership of a trigger Making use of trigger variables For example: Consider the following…

Gitlab CI Shell Executor Experience vs. Docker Executor

19 April, 2019

Gitlab is becoming a more one stop shop for software engineers. The first impression is it is very simple like some of the introduction…

Site is up again

18 April, 2019

After created several web sites with JAM stack, I am completely sold for the benefit and decided to bring my old blog site back and up to…